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Creative and compelling media production for
Mental Health and Substance Use Professionals

Lindy is a Trainer and Consultant in the field of co-occurring mental illness
and substance use disorders ... and is the Clinical Director at Caring. She has consulted in the US and other countries including Australia, England, and Sweden. Here is a complete list of Lindy's publications to date.

CaringHeadLindyNNLindy’s expertise has been gained through a combination of formal education and personal experience. She has been a recipient of the services she now participates in designing and evaluating. As a result of this unusual combination of personal and professional experience, Lindy brings sensitivity, humor, and extensive knowledge to this challenging field of working with people with both serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

In 2012, she retired from the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center, after working there for 23 years as a Senior Research Associate. She worked on several research projects examining the effectiveness of treatment for people with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Working with Robert Drake, PhD, MD, she has been involved in research, diagnostic assessments, supervision, training, and consultation. She also has a great deal of clinical experience providing group and individual treatment to people in recovery.

In 2010 Lindy, along with her colleagues at Dartmouth and Columbia University worked extensively with Bob & Sharon on FIT (Focus on Integrated Treatment). FIT is a co-occurring training effort for all practitioners of mental health and substance use in the State of New York. She served as the co-occurring technical consultant and wrote the scripts for over 125 videos. Examples are here, here and here. Additionally, she developed the content for the accompanying 35 module Learning Management System on all aspects of co-occurring disorders treatment. These videos and the online learning modules were highly successful in NY and are being widely used around the country. You can learn more about the NY FIT training course, click here. There is a national version available through Hazelden.

Lindy has also worked for several years with Kim Mueser, PhD on family work with people in recovery and their families. This has been both research and clinical work. She has worked with families, done family assessments, and trained clinicians and interviewers in family work. Along with Dr. Mueser and others, Lindy is one of the co-authors of the reknown Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders: A Guide to Effective Practice... or "Purple Book" as it is commonly called. You can preview it on Amazon here.

Also, working with Dr. Mueser she has trained and supervised clinicians in the Evidence Based Practice, Illness Management and Recovery (IMR). Lindy trained clinicians to use IMR to work with individuals and groups in outpatient, inpatient, and residential settings. She has worked with several states to help them implement IMR statewide. Lindy also consulted with Westbridge Family Services, providing training and supervision to their family practitioners.

Lindy and her colleagues at Dartmouth have joined together with Hazelden to co-author books on Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT). See an example here. She has recently authored a book on group treatment for people in active treatment and relapse prevention. See it here. Additionally, she is a Co-Occurring Disorders Trainer for Hazelden.

She has authored and co-authored books and many articles on the subject of co-occurring disorders. Here is a complete list of Lindy's publications. See here for an example on the Web.

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"The NY videos Lindy has done with Sharon & Bob are the standard by which all other mental health and substance use training videos should be judged."

Kim T. Mueser, PhD

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University

"Working with Bob and Sharon is truly partnering. They obviously love the work and are deeply committed to the cause. You can’t do better."

Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH
NY State Psychiatric Institute

"They truly understand communicating in the fields of mental health and substance use. Professionals in these fields will find their work unique and invaluable."

Robert E. Drake, MD, PhD

"Most important, the final product was outstanding and will be instrumental in teaching clinicians around the country new skills when working with their clients. We will work with Bob and Sharon in a heartbeat!”

David L. Penn, PhD
University of NC at Chapel Hill

“They work incredibly well together as a team to create high-quality, inspiring videos.”

Nancy H. Covell, PhD
NY State Psychiatric Institute

"The professional quality of the videos makes training easier.  People learn more from the videos because they are so believable.”

Piper S. Meyer, PhD
University of Minnesota

“Aside from winning awards, we have had many comments from people who have viewed the teacher training and the parent video, about how well done and professional they look”

Scott Fritz
Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

"Lindy, Sharon and Bob are thoroughly professional, a delight to work with and are dedicated to the treatment of co-occurring disorders as it has begun to receive the attention it deserves."

Sid Farrar
Hazelden Publishing

“Typical of their approach is the power of personal story-telling, which enables the audience to make deep connections with the issue being portrayed.”

Mark P. McGovern, PhD
The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

“Bob, Lindy and Sharon treated the people they filmed with genuine caring and regard.  As a result, they captured powerful personal stories illustrating hope and recovery.”

Paul J. Margolies, PhD
NY State Psychiatric Institute

They have been creative, resourceful and reliable working partners.  We've been satisfied customers!

Mary Brunette, MD
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

“I would highly recommend them to anyone who is contemplating a project that requires video content of the highest quality.”

Don Quigley
Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

“You cannot work with a better team.”

Luis O. Lopez, MS, HSBCP
NY State Psychiatric Institute