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Creative and compelling media production for
Mental Health and Substance Use Professionals

Bob is a Producer/Director/Editor whose unique blend of skills provide a truly versatile individual who understands the complete production process from start to finish.

CaringHeadBob2For over 40 years, Bob has worked extensively in the broadcast, commercial, event and corporate video arenas. He has traveled widely throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He has received 35 Telly Awards, 24 Communicator Awards, a New York Festivals Gold Award, 2 National ITVA Awards as well as other major awards. Bob is intensely committed to superior quality productions. He defines that as "...the unique blending of talent and technology to create an innovative experience for the audience that is challenging, compelling, and unquestionably effective."

During the past 20 years, he has discovered a new passion. Bob has become involved in creating video programming for the mental health and substance use profession. He discovered that telling stories that make a real difference in people's lives is a very satisfying way to work and live.

Here are some of the projects Bob has recently worked on:

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) - A series of six videos were created for SAMHSA’s restructured NREPP Learning Center website.  The videos were designed to reach a broad audience including practitioners and their organizations, SAMHSA employees and contractors, as well as those interested in the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based programs and practices. Three of the videos are available on the NREPP website now. Other videos will be rolled out in the next few months on the NREPP website. Here are a few examples you can view on our Vimeo site: Overcoming Resistance to EBP's, Everybody Needs a Team, Getting Ahead, Staying Ahead.

Columbia University - Center for Practice Innovations - FIT (Focus on Integrated Treatment) - This ground breaking training series for OMH and OASAS in New York State was designed to help practitioners and programs implement integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders (COD). The 35 half-hour modules contained 125 individual pieces of video… content specific client stories, clinical vignettes, panel discussions… all hosted by Robert Drake and Mark McGovern from Dartmouth PRC. Examples are here, here and here. You can learn more about the NY FIT training course, click here. There is a national version available through Hazelden. Caring has an ongoing relationship with CPI and continues to work on projects with them.

Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center - Computer Decision Support Systems for Smokers with SMI - Working with Mary Brunette, MD, videos were created for an easy-to-use, web-based electronic decision support system (EDSS) that aims to educate and motivate smokers with SMI to quit using evidence based treatment. Preliminary testing has demonstrated excellent usability and increased engagement in smoking cessation treatments. Here's an example.

University of North Carolina - NAVIGATE - This 10 module series was produced in collaboration with David Penn, PhD and Piper Meyer, PhD on the Chapel Hill campus of UNC. These videos are clinical demonstrations of Individualized Resiliency Training (IRT) for people with an initial schizophrenic episode. Students played client roles while David and Piper demonstrated the proper techniques for engagement. The NIMH was thrilled with the results and encouraged wider distribution. Here's an example.

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research - P50 Study "Stop Smoking Commercials" - Working with Delbert Robinson, MD and Mary Brunette, MD of Dartmouth, 8 "commercials" were produced for inclusion in the P50 Study. The study wants to gather data on how young patients with first episode schizophrenia respond to cigarette warnings that are designed for the general population. Two examples are here and here.

Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center - IPS Supported Employment - Working with Debbie Becker, MEd, CRC, over a dozen marketing and training videos were produced. The marketing videos highlighted the opportunities businesses and other partners have in hiring people with mental illness. Two examples are here and here... as well as the Dartmouth video site here. The IPS Fidelity series can be seen here.

Johnson & Johnson - Bob has collaborated with J&J for over 20 years... hundreds of videos... most of them philanthropic in nature. Videos about Community Health (example) and Anti-Bullying (example). With J&J, Bob partnered with The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving and produced several dozen videos with them (example). It was J&J that first introduced Bob to Dartmouth PRC 20 years ago... and his interest in mental health and substance use work was born. Thanks, Johnson & Johnson!

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"They truly understand communicating in the fields of mental health and substance use. Professionals in these fields will find their work unique and invaluable."

Robert E. Drake, MD, PhD

"Working with Bob and Sharon is truly partnering. They obviously love the work and are deeply committed to the cause. You can’t do better."

Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH
NY State Psychiatric Institute

"The NY videos Lindy has done with Sharon & Bob are the standard by which all other mental health and substance use training videos should be judged."

Kim T. Mueser, PhD

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University

"Most important, the final product was outstanding and will be instrumental in teaching clinicians around the country new skills when working with their clients. We will work with Bob and Sharon in a heartbeat!”

David L. Penn, PhD
University of NC at Chapel Hill

“They work incredibly well together as a team to create high-quality, inspiring videos.”

Nancy H. Covell, PhD
NY State Psychiatric Institute

"The professional quality of the videos makes training easier.  People learn more from the videos because they are so believable.”

Piper S. Meyer, PhD
University of Minnesota

“Aside from winning awards, we have had many comments from people who have viewed the teacher training and the parent video, about how well done and professional they look”

Scott Fritz
Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

"Lindy, Sharon and Bob are thoroughly professional, a delight to work with and are dedicated to the treatment of co-occurring disorders as it has begun to receive the attention it deserves."

Sid Farrar
Hazelden Publishing

“Typical of their approach is the power of personal story-telling, which enables the audience to make deep connections with the issue being portrayed.”

Mark P. McGovern, PhD
The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

“Bob, Lindy and Sharon treated the people they filmed with genuine caring and regard.  As a result, they captured powerful personal stories illustrating hope and recovery.”

Paul J. Margolies, PhD
NY State Psychiatric Institute

They have been creative, resourceful and reliable working partners.  We've been satisfied customers!

Mary Brunette, MD
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

“I would highly recommend them to anyone who is contemplating a project that requires video content of the highest quality.”

Don Quigley
Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

“You cannot work with a better team.”

Luis O. Lopez, MS, HSBCP
NY State Psychiatric Institute